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Switching to Postgresql from MySql


I have been using MySQL database as back end since my first Django web application. But as my applications started getting more and more complex, MySQL started giving me a lot of issues. One of the biggest issue was while performing south migrations. Usually migrations used to affect/break relationships and Django ORM used to return None objects. But a lot of times these migrations used to run correctly on my test PostgreSQL db. So finally I decided to switch onto PostgreSQL db.

Switching branch with repo for Android Source code

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I find working with repo as difficult as working with Android source code. We faced a lot of trouble while working with different versions of Android Source code. So I googled for repo command help but didnt find much help. So I experimented a bit and found a good way of switching branch.</br></br>

Basecamp vs JIRA


Being part of a start-up, I continuously look out for different products that are available to set up an end-to-end workflow in the company. Issue management and content management are one of the core parts of this workflow. If you google about “issue tracking”, “project management”, “content management” or similar search terms, you will be presented with a bunch of solutions. I am going to put my views on two of those solutions that we have used in RainingClouds, Basecamp and JIRA, and why I feel JIRA is much better than Basecamp, specifically for the software industry.

Building Android source code on Ubuntu 10.04+

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Fortunately or unfortunately I faced a lot of problems while building Android 4.0.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I searched a bit about the same, because Android officially supports two platforms for building source code : Linux and Mac. But the thing is that Google supports LTS versions and since last LTS version of Ubuntu i.e. 10.04 a lot of changes has been made which leads to build failures.

Adding your application as default app in Android build

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I have been working on Android source code for past few weeks. I was never a systems’ guy or a C programmer for that matter except whatever was required for college assignments. So I had to struggle a lot to get more and more information about changing Android source code the way I want, and sadly very limited information is available over internet about changing Android source code (If I am wrong, I would really appreciate your help links as comment :) ).

Installing sun-java on Ubuntu system (12.04)


I work on Andorid source code which specifically needs sun-jdk-6 for building the source code. Whenever I start with fresh copy of Ubuntu, I start facing this problem of installing sun-jdk-6.

Installing Sentry on ubuntu with nginx

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For the past few weeks I am finalizing my web tech-stack for Appsurfer. My current stack is Ubuntu, Django, Nginx, Gunicorn,Fabric and Sentry. Till now I was using my own custom logging framework for logging and error tracking in web app. But as my app started growing it became really difficult to hit on some issues quickly, and it was not affordable to invest time in building a full fledged logging system and error tracking system.

AppSurfer for better Android Ecosystem :)

AppSurfer has recently launched its private beta, to the early ones who showed their interest in testing this product. The beta comes with a lot of interesting features for Android developers and marketers. As we are in private beta phase it is not possible for us to open up our product for all Android developers, so sharing this post with all of you :). Do comment if you feel something is missing or some feature you would like to see in this product.Lets start with the crunch of this post :).
This is one of the Android App we are using for our beta testing, developed by one of my friend and co-founder of this venture.
(Note: for Indian viewers it will be a bit slower as we are still in process of adding more servers. Right now network lag is causing whatever delay that you experience :( )

Trailer was good, now lets get into the serious business of monetizing usingAppSurfer !!

Who should use this product, Developer or Marketer ??
Its for the people who want to find out whether their idea is appealing or not and whether their implementation is of that level or not. So its for both. Now total hits and average time spent on your app would give an idea that whether idea is appealing to the crowd or not, and conversions tells you that how many of those were actually went ahead on your Android Market page to download. This is the key information for developers as well as marketers to analyse where they are making a mistake.