While adding splash screen for your Android application

Right now I am working on Android application for AppSurfer. And while designing a prototype for the application, I had to integrate it with a splash screen. Segmentation is a well known issue for Android developers, and hence we have to be careful about the design components. They should not break on devices which are very large or very small. So I did a search and found following set of dimensions that should be used for splash screen which accommodates almost all screen sizes.

  1. LDPI
    Portrait : 200x320px
    Landscape : 320x200px
  2. MDPI
    Portrait : 320x480px
    Landscape : 480x320px
  3. HDPI
    Portrait : 480x800px
    Landscape : 800x480px
  4. XHDPI
    Portrait : 720px1280px
    Landscape : 1280x720px

Happy coding \m/