AppSurfer for better Android Ecosystem :)

AppSurfer has recently launched its private beta, to the early ones who showed their interest in testing this product. The beta comes with a lot of interesting features for Android developers and marketers. As we are in private beta phase it is not possible for us to open up our product for all Android developers, so sharing this post with all of you :). Do comment if you feel something is missing or some feature you would like to see in this product.Lets start with the crunch of this post :).
This is one of the Android App we are using for our beta testing, developed by one of my friend and co-founder of this venture.
(Note: for Indian viewers it will be a bit slower as we are still in process of adding more servers. Right now network lag is causing whatever delay that you experience :( )

Trailer was good, now lets get into the serious business of monetizing usingAppSurfer !!

Who should use this product, Developer or Marketer ??
Its for the people who want to find out whether their idea is appealing or not and whether their implementation is of that level or not. So its for both. Now total hits and average time spent on your app would give an idea that whether idea is appealing to the crowd or not, and conversions tells you that how many of those were actually went ahead on your Android Market page to download. This is the key information for developers as well as marketers to analyse where they are making a mistake.

What information you get to see about your application ??
This my AppSurfer dashboard with my app Sudoku published .
You get to know how many users have played with your app, for how much time and last but not the least total conversions which tells you how many leads got directed to apps’ Android Market page.
This is exciting, what else is there for stats ??
If you feel dashboard has most of the important stats, then you are right but wrong ;). We have more stats in beta itself to tell you which part of the world is really keen to play with your apps. 

Whats more ??
One of the best thing you get with this service is widget (the one which you see at the start) which could be integrated anywhere in your blogposts, product page etc. This really helps to direct more number of users to your apps’ Android Market page where one click download is available.

This is not it !!
We are still adding more and more features day by day and soon we will be open for all you developers across the world to take advantage of this product.
Very important feature that is under testing is conversion. At the end of session, user would be asked to download app directly to the phone rather than directing the user to Android Market page of the app. That would clearly give the actual lead conversion information.

P.S. I will keep updating this post so as to sync with all current features of this product :).