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SetOnItemClickListener() is not working…and its’ because your layout structure is wrong


This is gonna be a quick post. I spent like last 45 mins solving a very dumb issue, related to setOnItemClickListener of a custom class extending GridView.

Why BATTERY_STATS permission is not gonna work in KITKAT

#Android #Android source code

I am working on an internal project which requires battery stats. A quick search would guide you to use android.permission.BATTERY_STATS, and you would be able to access battery stats directly. But you would notice that this code wont work in KITKAT.

Consumer Producer implementation with golang


Today I invested my whole day in evaluating GoLang for one of our component implementations. Since the first document, I got impressed by it’’’s construct. Till I reached the ultimate problem solution for our case, I fell in love with this new language. It gives you the power of OS level constructs keeping a lot of overheads hidden from you. I was playing with a lot of simple problems while reading the documentation and here I am sharing one of those implementation and will discuss how simple it is to implement pretty complex problems with GoLang.

Be careful while using Executors.newCachedThreadPool()

#Executors #Java

I am currently writing a scalable backend server for AppSurfer, which does routing work for different components associated with a session. Recently I went into a trouble with the new version of the server. Even for a single connection CPU load was almost 100%. I was clueless about the issue and started digging into it.

The night when we released our AppSurfer mobile app…


Its one of the biggest day for us, as a company, as entrepreneurs, as technology lovers!! We released out the first version of mobile app AppSurfer on 21st early morning (like 1.30 am early :P). We were happy, and equally nervous. And at the same time Google play was giving us a bit of hard time :D. We were kind of polling onto our expected web page on Google Play and it was returning 404 :-/. We were kind of sleepy, exhausted and equally excited to see our product page on Google play. We were too bored to click refresh again and again. And then the programmer within us resulted into this script

While adding splash screen for your Android application


Right now I am working on Android application for AppSurfer. And while designing a prototype for the application, I had to integrate it with a splash screen. Segmentation is a well known issue for Android developers, and hence we have to be careful about the design components. They should not break on devices which are very large or very small. So I did a search and found following set of dimensions that should be used for splash screen which accommodates almost all screen sizes.

Using libvirt Java API bindings in maven


Hello coders, I am writing this quick post just to help a small bunch of people who are trying to use libvirt JAVA API bindings. I was trying to build .jar from git repo mentioned on the Libvirt site, but

Managing multiple versions of python on a Linux box


Hello coders, if you are working on Python or any of your development tool is based on Python then you must have faced a problem in using multiple versions of Python. For an instance I develop web applications using Django which has kind of beta support for Python3 so I have to be on Python27 and same for repo from Google which does not run on Python3. But Python3 is required in some cases for example I am running arch Linux which demands for Python3 for some of its components. I came across an amazing tool named pythonbrew.

Lesson learnt : Switching from Desktop Application to Web Application development


Just to give an introduction, I work on core technology of AppSurfer. Part of which is done in Django. Before starting my own venture I was a part of a MNC where I used to work on desktop applications written in So before starting my first major web application, I was never part of any web application. And hence I struggled a lot to decide architecture of my web application. I am going to discuss one aspect of web application here, Database transactions during request processing.

Significance of final class in Java

#Android #Java

Hello guys, recently I have been working on Java for Android Application of AppSurfer. And while coding, specially for mobile devices, you need to be concerned about speed of your application. So this post is related with improving speed of execution to some extent using final classes whenever it is applicable.