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I have been procrastinating a lot about writing regularly. The main problem was the length and the depth of the topic. Before I reach there, I thought of starting thing weblog. Main reason for going with weblog vs twitter is; I can make mistakes here 🤭. The plan is to connect this to twitter someday.

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🚀 Iterate faster using apistack

Your web / mobile apps need many workflows like Phone number verification, email verification, google sign-in, contact form store, job queues, payments, etc.
apistack provides simple endpoints for adding these workflows in your web / mobile app without any hassle of creating accounts with these individual services and individually integrating them into your app.

Don't believe?

  1. Integrate phone verification using SMS OTP in < 5 mins using apistack.
  2. Integrate job queue in < 3 mins using apistack.
  3. Integrate Email ownership verification in < 3mins using apistack.