Akshay Deo

Some of the ideas that I am working/worked on. Most of them did not make a mark, but I am proud of each and every product that I have worked on ๐Ÿ˜‡.


For Android Developers

Viwr has different features like screen mirroring, location mocking, battery mocking, CPU analysis, memory analysis, battery analysis, network mocking etc features that help them to speed up the development as well as making sure that the app handles different scenarios really well.

For Android Testers

Viwr helps to create different analysis reports like this, which are one click sharable with developers/clients giving a clear picture about how the app is performing.


Result: Failed ๐Ÿ’”

Simplest screen sharing app for Android.

  • One click to start sharing your screen
  • Doesnโ€™t need any development tools or USB cables for sharing the Android screen
  • Share screen using a link (Just like Google Drive/Dropbox). No plugins/Software/Password required for viewer. Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Completely safe! No special permissions are required.
  • FREE


Result: Failed ๐Ÿ’”

GroupUp was a reverse GroupOn for purchasing goods in a group. People create/join group for buying a product, and start sharing them across social network, so as to grow that group and get a GROUP DISCOUNT.

Why? (Pitch from the deck I had prepared then)

  • According to Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014 Q1 and is expected to cross 100 million mark by end of year 2016.
  • In India, people postpone their purchases for Diwali, Dussehra, New years expecting sales during that period.
  • They also contact friends, relatives from US during black friday sales.
  • E-commerce players like Flipkart, Amazon.in, Snapdeal are coming up with huge discount sales. We are doing this, thinking What if we attach a bulk purchase to these discounts ?


Result: Never Launched ๐Ÿ’”

  • A live StackOverflow which can start with a chat, call, video call etc.
  • Main objective of the app is to provide instant help on problems using mobile chat system.
  • There are no anonymous users in the system.
  • Login should be using either Facebook, Google+.
  • Questions can be asked to relevant online people only. Once you complete the discussion, asker would give a hi5 as a gratitude and also which is the magnitude of the askeesโ€™ rank in the system. Hi5 indicates that the discussion was fruitful. 100% hi5sโ€™ is the target of the system.


Result: Never came out of beta ๐Ÿ’”

When Fabric Beta was not around, Distribit was the system I had built to share beta / alpha APKs and ipas among registered users.

  • Auto updating the app as soon as itโ€™s uploaded to Distribit.
  • Error tracking.
  • Feedback collection
  • Slack notifications

Project Zero

Result: Never Launched ๐Ÿ’”

This was the first IOT project that I had thought of. But it never came out from the Spec stage. Here is the spec if anyone still wants to read it :)