akshay deo

Some of the ideas that I am working/worked on. Most of them did not make a mark, but I am proud of each and every product that I have worked on πŸ˜‡.

If you love 🐦 Polls, you will love this 🀞

PollScout indexes the best Twitter Polls from all over the Twitter 🌏. I have been a huge fan of Twitter Polls and when I was going through the Twitter Bookmarks, I realized that more than 80% of my bookmarked tweets were Polls. These amazing polls are hidden in the long tail of Twitter timelines.

Just reply with @pollscout track #related-hashtag to the Poll, and it will automatically get indexes on the PollScout πŸŽ‰.

Some interesting poll results

  1. 70% of 122k twitter users feel that their country should be run by entrepreneurs!
  2. 80% of the 25k twitter users feel that China is a malign force.
  3. 3. 55% of the 2.5k twitter users say Thank You to their children.

Viwr (2019-20)

Conclusion: Failed πŸ’”

For Android Developers

Viwr has different features like screen mirroring, location mocking, battery mocking, CPU analysis, memory analysis, battery analysis, network mocking etc features that help them to speed up the development as well as making sure that the app handles different scenarios really well.

For Android Testers

Viwr helps to create different analysis reports like this, which are one click sharable with developers/clients giving a clear picture about how the app is performing.

Droidcast (2019)

Conclusion: Failed πŸ’”

Simplest screen sharing app for Android.

Twist (2015-2016)

Conclusion: Never launched πŸ’”

This was a hardware product. The vision for the product was, to convert the most powerful computer in everyones’ pocket i.e. smart phones into a remote control for the TV. We took this idea a little further, by converting phones into a game controller as well 🀩.

AppSurfer (2011-2014)

Conclusion: Failed πŸ’”

AppSurfer was the biggest and most ambitious project I have worked on, which went on to become a real VC funded company. We had build AppSurfer (I and 3 other co-founders) with the intention of bringing Android in the cloud. Got a lot of recognition and love from tech community.

Throughout the life of the product, we tried 4 different use-cases, none of which worked. Eventually every bit was built by Google and we decided to shut it down.

More details: AppSurfer bids adieu

GroupUp (2014)

Conclusion: Failed πŸ’”

GroupUp was a reverse GroupOn for purchasing goods in a group. People create/join group for buying a product, and start sharing them across social network, so as to grow that group and get a GROUP DISCOUNT.

Why? (Pitch from the deck I had prepared then)

Keen (2014-2015)

Conclusion: Never Launched πŸ’”

Distribit (2013-2014)

Conclusion : Never came out of beta πŸ’”

When Fabric Beta was not around, Distribit was the system I had built to share beta / alpha APKs and ipas among registered users.

Project Zero (2014-2015)

Conclusion: Failed πŸ’”

This was the first IOT project that I had thought of. But it never came out from the Spec stage. Here is the spec if anyone still wants to read it :)

Open Source

YAAG (Yet Another API doc Generator) for Golang

Autobinding fieldMap generator


Slack client for Golang

Circle client for Golang

Parse SDK client in Golang