👋 I am Akshay Deo, a Computer Engineer from Pune 🇮đŸ‡ŗ. Co-founder of 3 startups, out of which, One failed, One we couldn't launch and One got acqui-hired 🙌.

I have been fascinated by đŸ’ģ since childhood. Seeing my father work on a 286 was awe-inspiring 😲 for me and has continued to be since. Later this transpired into a life-long hobby/profession for me.

I wrote my first computer program when I was 14, using VB Script 6.0 and MS Access DB, for my father's construction company. Since then, I have been building programs/products all my life.
Currently I am the Head of Product Engineering at Postman and leading Tools (API Design, API Mock, Documentation, Monitoring and API Client). In the past, I was leading Search, Reporting, Api Design and Mock products.
💰 Early stage investing

I with my dear friend Vishwesh, invest and involve with early stage tech startups through Sifar.vc.
đŸĨŠ Side hussle

apistack: A tool to help you build your web and mobile apps faster.

Here are some of my old 👨‍đŸ”Ŧ Side Projects