Akshay Deo

Do(nt) Code Seriously

Open Source Work


  • It’s a wrapper for writing socket servers with keeping your business logic separated from the underlying technology for sockets.
  • Using this we can create socket servers supporting SocketIO Server, Websocket Server, Netty based Servers, Plain Java socket based server with a single business logic.
  • Is part of AppSurfer’s streaming server, where the same logic for streaming is used for websocket clients, socket io clients, socket clients (Android SDK) and http commet clients.


  • A custom and very handy wrapper over AFNetworking 2.0 library.
  • Provides an easier way of using basic HTTP methods in iOS app.


  • DroidStalker is aimed to be an important tool for Android developer which provides a single dashboard which shows graph about the CPU usage, Memory usage, FPS etc while testing an app.
  • The main reason to come up with this is, LittleEyeLabs got acquired by Facebook and they have discontinued the product, but there is a genuine need of such a product.
  • Its being developed as an when we do get time in RainingClouds.


  • A very basic http library targeted for Android
  • Focuses on avoiding code redundancy
  • Adding up a feature that will allow developers to make http calls using java NIO (still cooking so its not in master branch)EventHub
  • This allows different components to communicate with each other asynchronously using messaging Usecases
  • To allow a communication between different fragments shown in a tab to communicate with each other without any boilerplate code
  • Allow communication between a service running in background and Android app
  • This is used in AppSurfer Android app, to update the list of applications on different tabs of the home screen based on the categories selected in the menu bar.


  • A library with boilerplate code required for integrating push notifications in an Android app (Google cloud messaging)
  • This also contains one demo Android app to test the server side of the code for pushing notifications.


  • This is a simple micropost sites where developers can express their love for golang
  • Still under development


  • Was final year project of Computer Engineering
  • Written and tested for Android 1.5 and 1.6.
  • One of the first few RDP clients for Android written in 2010.
  • Uploaded in the Play Store (then called Android Market) in 2011.
  • Got 10k-50k downloads.
  • Open sourced when we failed to keep it updated

PS if someone wants to gift me something, here is my wishlist.